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Agile Leadership Conference 2021

Host Leadership in Agile Teams

What kind of leadership might fit in the Agile world? In this workshop Mark McKergow will share his work on leading as a host, rather than a hero or a servant. He will share how this framework offers a flexible yet highly coherent approach to leading agile teams, working as both a metaphor and as a multi-dimensional model. 

Mark will examine how different leadership metaphors invite starkly different views of the relationship between leaders and their teams, how host leadership shows the way to a context-based rather than rules-based approach, and how his years of research have revealed six key roles for a host leader to take up when required.



Mark McKergow
Mark McKergow is an author, consultant and speaker. Mark has developed and hosted many aspects of the international Solutions Focus community since 2000 with sfwork, and is co-author of five books including the best-selling ‘The Solutions Focus’. He was closely involved with founding both the SOLWorld network and the SFCT professional body for SF consultants and trainers. He is an associate of the Taos Institute, and was a leading author of the Galveston Declaration in 2016. His "Host Leadership Field Book", a collection of stories around host leadership in action, was published in 2019. His latest publication was "Hosting Generative Change" (BMI, 2020).


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