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Agile Leader Day 2021

Sociocracy 3.0 – A Social Technology for Organizational Agility

Are you looking for ways to authentically engage people, so they maximally contribute to the organisation's purpose while feeling nurtured by their work? Do you want to grow high-performing teams that self-manage and successfully adapt to changing requirements or cirsumstances? Are you leading your department or organisation towards more effectiveness and agility? Then make sure to add the principles and techniques from Sociocracy 3.0 to your toolbox.

Sociocracy 3.0 – or S3 in short – is a collection of 70+ practical techniques and patterns around self-organisation, participatory decision-making, adaptive organisational structures and continuous learning. These patterns and techniques are supported and enforced by a set of strong, guiding principles that help you to develop a truly agile culture.

Get introduced to S3 in this session, so you know whether and how to start applying it in your teams or organisation. You'll learn about the principles and take away some of the principal techniques to get started with.



Jef Cumps
Jef Cumps is the author of "Sociocracy 3.0 - The novel", the co-founder of iLean and a very experienced teacher and coach supporting all kinds of organizations in their transition towards more agility. He has been working with many teams, managers and leaders to help them facilitate (organizational) change, embrace self-organization and effectively getting things done in a humane way.


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